“I would say this is a very fun and educational program, aligned with the curriculum (simple machine in structure is aligned with science unit) and therefore enriching.." 

R.C. - Parent


In-School Programs K-6

All residencies will include materials (with additional fee for Premium Programs*), planning time with school staff, and age appropriate projects for the grade level being taught in a 90 minute classroom session. Residencies vary in length from six, eight, or ten sessions. We can also work with your school to tailor a residency for a specific topic and scheduling needs.

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Communities (K-2)
Students will build an architectural vocabulary and learn how to read architectural clues to determine building types in a community.  They will examine the relationships of a building’s architectural styles to its form and function; and will be engaged in working collaboratively in designing and constructing a model of an urban community/and or a skyline mural of a city.

Skyscrapers: My City (2-6)*
“My City” is an exciting architecture project that will engage students in an art, building, and design experience. This curriculum integrated program will enrich their knowledge of the city they live in. Every student will construct their own scale model of a New York City landmark building.    

Skyscrapers: Modular Building (2-6)
This program leads students through the basic elements of architectural design and culminates in the modular cardboard construction of a skyscraper. Students will learn about the history of skyscrapers; how they are built; and what makes them memorable.

What makes a Dome so strong? (3-6)
Students will learn about different types of structures used in buildings; investigate strengths and weaknesses of shapes; and work in groups to build a geodesic dome.

Simple Machine in Structures (3-6)
In “Simple Machine in Structures”, each student will construct an architectural structure that has a simple but appropriately integrated working simple machine.  This curriculum integrated program will enrich students’ study of simple machines, force, gravity, and geometry.

Greek and Roman Architecture (3-6)
Students will learn about basic design elements of Greek and Roman Architecture and how American monumental buildings were influenced by these styles.  They will build an architecture vocabulary and construct a model of an American monument.                                                                                                                                   .

In-school One Day Workshop (2-6)
In-school One Day Workshop will be taught in a 90 minute session per classroom.  Students will construct a model of a structure which they can take home.  Materials are included.

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