What people are saying about Kidspire…

Our students were engaged in learning. They very much enjoyed this experience.”

Question: Would you recommend this project? Why?

Response: “Yes, it included science, technology, engineering, math, art!
— 3rd Grade Teachers, Bayside

It was truly a privilege to have Kidspire in our school. Karen and her program were loved by the children and the teachers. Thank you for all you did for our school we really appreciate it! We wish you continued success!”

When asked what would be the major benefits of this project, the response was:
“Fun way to learn” and “Includes STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
— Elizabeth C., former PA Co-President

I liked your projects and I want to do it again in 4th grade...
— 3rd Grade Student, Bayside

I wholeheartedly recommend this project to all children, even the ones who don’t seem interested in building because, you never know what their inner potential is and what they might discover afterwards. More importantly, this is a project that allows kids to express themselves, learn the subject better, and have fun. I think every child deserves such fun learning activity. Lastly, expressing oneself in the form of a poem, art, or a structure in a way you can see it and friends and family can appreciate it, seems very appealing and rewarding for children.
— Rathna C., Parent

I had many expectations for this project, and all of them were met. I thought that we were going to make models of famous buildings, and we did that, along with learning more about the building and architectural processes. I was pleased that we got to make our models very detailed in a variety of ways. I would definitely recommend this project, as I had an amazing time doing it, and I learned a lot of new things about architecture.
— Daniel, 5th Grade Student

I like that the students were using hands-on activities to supplement what they learned in school.
— Maria S., 2nd Grade Teacher, Astoria
When I heard about the city project, my expectations were that it might be really boring… But when we actually did it, we had so much fun! I think kids will like this project because you get messy, learn about buildings, and work with your friends. I learned about a lot of the buildings in Manhattan, now I know even more than my parents!
— Violet, 2nd Grade Student

Question: What were the three benefits of the program?

1) The kids were motivated to learn about architecture as they not only learned about principles in well-taught educational sessions, but they also were able to create a replica of a famous building.
2) The kids learned about the world around them and far away. Many of the buildings studied were from different countries. The kids’ horizons were definitely expanded.
3) The kids had to use skills (patience, diligence, applied mathematics) when building their buildings. They had to measure using angles for accurate placement of some of the cardboard pieces when building a tower, for example. They creatively came up with tools to help with precision. They made beautiful final projects out of cardboard, glue, tape, and a little paint. The tower my son made is proudly displayed on his desk. The whole family learned from this experience as my son would come home and excitedly explain what he learned that day at school. I really think this program changed the way he looks at buildings both in New York and around the world.
— Maria D., Parent

My children were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in the project, My City, with Karen Moran. They learned about the architecture of different buildings in NYC and were able to work in groups and create their own model...

They were very excited about this project, and looked forward to the days when they knew they were going to get to work on it. The children had a lot of fun, and at the same time they learned a lot about the architecture of buildings in New York City. They enjoy pointing out all of the buildings they learned about every time we see one! I was surprised by how much they learned and how enthusiastic they were.

I would recommend this project for children everywhere. It really opened my children’s eyes to the different styles of architecture all around them!”
— Amy F., Parent

All your projects were so exciting and I thought all of them were interesting. At the beginning of the year I thought we wouldn’t have art but when we asked the principal and she said yes, I’m happy she chose you.
— 3rd Grade Student, Bayside