“I would say that Kidspire really does inspire children to build and create." 

Angela L. - Parent


After school / Workshop

Skyscraper I : Build a New York City Skyscraper (2-6)
Take your child’s building skills to new heights and build a New York City skyscraper!  Children will learn about architectural principles of scale and proportion, structural frames, and 3d construction.  They will apply their own artistic expres­sions through painting and drawing of architectural details.  This workshop culminates into an architectural masterpiece that your child can take home!

Geodesic Dome Home
Discover the wonder behind the structural strength of this spherical structure invented by Buckminster Fuller.  Learn about its geometric construction, design a floor plan and build your own geodesic dome home!

Skyscrapers II: Sky's the Limit! - Design a Skyscraper (3-6)
New skyscrapers are being built in different shapes and sizes around the world.  Compose your plan and elevations while exploring other innovative designs of famous skyscrapers. Learn about 3d form-making, use math to design your structure, and build your own model skyscraper.

After school Program in your school
Kidspire can create a fun filled after school program at your school.  Students will engage in hands-on projects that explore a different element of architecture and design each week. Through drawing, building, and collaboration, children will learn to incorporate these architectural principles into their own unique designs..

For more information please contact us at info@kidspirenyc.com